Friday, February 21, 2014

She's Coming Around

Ya'll know I love my dogs.

When our 12 year old Lab, Chip was still with us, he was an angel.  He didn't try to get your food, didn't mess with anything, and was basically the best dog ever.  When he was in his last year of life, we got our Yellow Lab, Delta.  As a puppy, she chewed on our baseboards, ate at least 3 pairs of sunglasses, a blue jean jacket, and the rungs off of most of our dining room chairs--but we loved her anyway.

When she got to be around a year and a half, we could see a change in her.  She became a lot more gentle, a lot more loving, and just as sweet as our beloved Chip.  We never thought we'd see the day where she could roam the house freely while we were at work.  We laughed at the thought of her being "free range" and were shocked at the day that we were able to break down the crate and put it in the attic.

Just when everything got settled with Delta, we got Beulah.

We only thought Delta had been a handful--Beulah was a pistol!  Beyond belief.  She wasn't as much as a chewer, but she knew no bounds, and would be in your face or into something else ALL THE TIME.  She chewed up any and every dog bed that we bought, jumped, wouldn't sleep at night, and would steal the socks right off of your feet!  Seriously.  There were times when we wanted to open the door and let her run down the street.

But then...we reached that magical turning point.  Just this week, we have seen a shift in her maturity.  She's sleeping better, following directions, and is starting to be pleasant to be around.  It's a small shift, but we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Heart Stealers:

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  1. Heart stealers is right! What handsome pups! Our dog was the exact same way! He would chew beds and mess up the backyard if given a single moment alone out there! But with training and time, he got sooooo much better too. Makes it all worth it. :)


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