Monday, February 24, 2014

Did Not Start=Did Not Finish

I was so excited about my 5K this past Saturday.  Here I was before the race, taking a selfie...thinking about how prepared I was and how I was gonna rock it out!

Too bad I missed the freakin' start!  Geno's half marathon started at 8AM.  For some reason, I thought that my 5K started at 8:30.  So as I was making my way to the starting line with time to spare (or so I thought), I hear the race director yell "GO!" and my heart fell to my feet.  Race start was 8:15.

The race began in a stadium, so people were pouring out of it, and there was no way that I could go against the crowd and get my timing chip across the line.  

My first thought was to go back to the truck and cry about it.  My second thought was to make my way into the crowd and run the course anyway...and that's what I did.  It was SO weird running a race and not really running a race.  I didn't give maximum effort, because I didn't want to wear myself out and risk injury when my race wouldn't count.  (By the way, as fickle as my body race, every race is a risk of injury).  

After I "finished,"  I kept running.  I ran another three miles, and made it 6+ miles for the morning.  Instead of beating myself up about it, I was happy that I got a longish run in, and I was able to see Geno finish the half marathon.

Start of the half...Geno on the far right in all black...


I love this shot!

3rd Place Overall
1st Place Master's
Master's Half Marathon State Champion

Geno and Chattaooga Track Club President, Bill Brock

Me and Geno

Yesterday afternoon, it was 70 degrees and sunny.  I pulled out the vacuum and the water hose, and gave my Jeep a good scrub.  Even though it's supposed to rain tomorrow night, at least I'll have a day or two with a clean ride!

And finally, I found a sure sign that Spring is right around the corner....

Happy Monday, Everyone!  Let's blast through this work week and sail on into the weekend!!!


  1. Proud of you for doing it anyway! I also am in love with your jeep!

  2. Good for you for sticking with it! I've been stuck in the house with the stomach flu / norovirus / whatever this thing is called .. and I did get to step outside once on Saturday to get some fresh air - first time it hit 60 degrees in months - and all I could think was, MAN i wish I could run!! In time, in time.. I miss it though! Good for you!


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